Most Popular Leading Edge University Classes

Addictions and Compulsions Course Cost: $1,497.00 Text: 19.97 Explores the dynamics and scope of addiction and compulsive behavior in human experience. Included are drug and alcohol-related issues and compulsive behaviors that do not involve substances as well as effective healing… Continue Reading

Ghost Hunting

Discover the answers to perplexing questions, like, what are ghosts? How do we interact with them? What is the meaning behind your client’s ghostly experience? And learn how to communicate with and either rid or relocate ghosts to more appropriate… Continue Reading

Intensive Accelerated Immersion Mega Certification

Leading Edge University’s Intensive Accelerated Immersion Mega Certification is a boot camp training experience at the school including targeted instruction without distractions, providing you with the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed. Our Mega Certification intensive program provides… Continue Reading

True Love Soulmate Romance and Relationship Certification

Soulmate Relationship Certification Course Apply cutting edge technologies to your soulmate, love and relationship coaching or counseling practice. Help your clients achieve their highest and best in the area of love and romance in their lives while discovering, “what is… Continue Reading

Reincarnation Past Life Regression Therapy Past Lives

Is it possible that events from a past life are affecting your quality of life in this present reality? Past Life Regression Certification Course Delve into the reincarnation and the journey of the soul as it traverses time and space.… Continue Reading