Ghost Hunting

Discover the answers to perplexing questions, like, what are ghosts? How do we interact with them? What is the meaning behind your client’s ghostly experience? And learn how to communicate with and either rid or relocate ghosts to more appropriate locations.

Ghost hunting paranormal investigation certified ghost hunterThis is a high-level parapsychology learning event. Discover the advanced science of ghost busting, not just documenting ghosts or otherworldly entities, but engage them in interactive communication.

These paranormal studies will help students to learn to use two-way live communication without the use of expensive “ghost hunting” electronic equipment to not only identify entities who have once lived but help them pass on; not just clearing an area of psychic phenomena, leaving the entity or energy to find another victim or location to inhabit.

The instructors for this course have years of experience in paranormal research, communicating with ghosts, resolving spiritual issues and finding answers to paranormal questions that had been otherwise unresolved.

This parapsychology ghost hunting course includes live communication with ghosts and ascended beings qualifying you as a psychic disturbance investigator.

Learn advanced skills, not to be confused with the passive paranormal investigations that you may have seen on television. The psychic conflict resolution approach taught in this ghost hunting course is highly effective interactive and offers results, not just basic education that leaves one with more questions.

Get the skills that you need to be qualified to investigate paranormal phenomena communicate with ghosts and intervene in psychic traumatic scenarios including apparitions, demons, poltergeists and hauntings without expensive electronic equipment or placing one’s self at risk.

Graduates of this parapsychological studies course will be certified ghost hunters qualified to adapt to a variety of psychic experiences and registered with a national registry of ghost busting professionals.