Laser Reiki Intensive Workshop for Energy Healing

You will feel lighter again with this most extraordinary energy healing class – the Laser Reiki Intensive Workshop. The  body, mind and spirit healing techniques will instantly remove pain, stress, anxiety and any other low/negative energy. You not only learn how to do these simple healing processes, but you will receive many treatments during the 2 days of each class!

 the 1st four levels of the LR Series!  4 Workshops

Laser Reiki Class 1,  2-Day, on Sept 27-28, 2014

Laser Reiki Class 2, 2-Day, on Nov1-2

Laser Reiki Class 3,  2-Day,  on Dec 6-7

the 4th class may be on Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2015,

Laser Reiki Level 1-4 class  – is now being held on four 2-Day weekend Workshops at the Reiki Ranch retreat center near Chehalis, Washington, USA.

What is Reiki?  Reiki, a Japanese word, is a process using God Source energy to help others. “Ray” is a beam of light and” Ki” is a pure and clean energy. The practitioner applies this hands-on energy to themselves or to a client. Also called “laying-on-of-hands”. We also teach traditional Usui Reiki Master classes at the Reiki Ranch.

What is Laser Reiki? Laser Reiki practitioners applies the same clean energy with their hands but it comes out like a pure laser beam of light. It works much quicker the other healing methods. You need no laser tools or anything else; it is build into your hands!

Reiki Ranch students

Students receiving Reiki attunements

The Reiki Ranch instructors teach Instant Pain Release! An exciting experience in quantum physics where their energy is raised to a new vibrational high, using zero point energy healing, and 6th dimensional energy. The healing energy goes into the outer levels of the aura and then gently drops into the physical body over the next three days!

You might ask, “What is an aura?” An aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation (energy) surrounding a person, plant, animal or object. It is an invisible, spiritual energy signature, an emanation that surrounds the physical body of a living creature. The aura is often seen by Mystics, Spiritualists, Seerers, Mediums, Psychics, Healers, & and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the spiritual essence of the individual. The aura can be measured by muscle testing as explained in the book, “Power Vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins.

What are you missing in Life? Do you enjoy the freedom to be yourself? Do you feel alive and energetic? Great!, but if you are feeling tired or have pain you may have energy blockages in your body or in your aura.  Even past life trauma can be cleared. Negative energy hold you down; positive energy lifts you up!  Dark energy is removed and positive energy is put in its place — you immediately feel the difference!

 Laser Reiki 2-Day training —Learn “Instant Pain Release!” (We will run 4 different levels of these classes  in the next 4 months)

You will be happy to know that …Returning students pay only $100 for all weekend training. The energy clearings/healing themselves are worth several hundreds of dollars each day!

Reg. price is $500 a  weekend–But wait we have a special going on! Reserve immediately, and your class is only $300. Sign up for all 4 classes and Save even more! We have a great half priced special going on for advanced reservations! Only pay $1000 for the 4 weekends!

(bring a family member or a friend, put up posters and you’ll both will receive free gifts.)

 Learn how to instantly generate high energy and wellness In the LASER REIKI  Workshops

  • How would you like to talk to your unconscious mind to discover the exact location of where the energy obstructions will be held? You can have instant communication to other lifetimes without hypnosis.
  • All people have some reoccurring dark patterns of energy that cause a repeat of life events. Learn how to instantly release the old patterns, reprogram, and reoccurring negative patterns into the positive. Next we re-energize the body with Laser Reiki. It is very effective, quick and more potent in comparison with… every other energy treatment approach!
  • Learn a straightforward approach to determine the reason for virtually any hurt or even soreness in your body; whether mental, emotional or a spiritual problem. Learn how to release muscle and joint pain at the beginning of the event — even in a past life.
  • Learn how to determine exactly location where to apply the Laser Reiki Power Beam. This LR flow of energy will release these negative patterns as well as set up a brand-new pattern of positive energy, wellbeing as well as pleasure. You need no external tools to do this work. The ability of flow the Laser Reiki energy is built into your hands. You just have to learn how to use it!
  • Learn how to apply constructive statements and affirmations in an energy matrix and point the flow into the correct location the physical body’s system. This easy procedure is used to re-establish a positive flow where before the energy was dark or blocked. This is the secret to help this patient’s system to instantly release pain and return to happiness!
  • Learn to find out what the energy flow is in an injured area and how to return that area to a positive energy flow whereby the body can heal itself. If there is only 20% energy flow in a certain area then the body can’t repair the damage like it could if the energy flow was 80% to 100%. You experience 2 days of doing and practicing these advanced energy healing techniques under the guidance of the founders of Laser Reiki. You’ll receive multiple, multiple healings yourself during the 2-day weekend workshop. Invest in yourself!

IMPORTANT: We do have the work/trade program for The Laser Reiki Series where you pay a minimum of  cash donation for your 4 weekends of workshops plus help out at the Assembly of Cosmic Energetic Healing. Your every — one-hour-of-work — donation is equal to $10 off the price of the training. If you have more time than money this may be for you? We need help in blogging and writing articles.

Call Taylore or Roi to discus this 360-748-4426.

Workshop Reservations are made over the phone. (Or email the