Leading Edge University’s Mission is:

It is the intention of Leading Edge University to support emerging forward thinking science, technology, thought and raising consciousness.

We fully support free-flowing ground breaking ideas and art in a world that may have become too rigidly structured to allow fully creative genius unbridled by corporate constraints.

We provide a platform for individuals to engage in learning about all areas of human advancement including real life scenarios, how to thrive in troubled times and change one’s mindset from frustration to success. We also endeavor to recover and preserve the true history of mankind’s adventure into this world and reclaim our God given freedoms of expression and right to be unlimited.

Leading Edge University encourages individual thought and expression without judgment or ridicule in an effort to potentially press-through or discover some data that may be valuable to an individual, mankind, any creatures of earth, the world at large and/or the expanding universes.

Participation in Leading Edge University is not limited by race, creed, political, religious or philosophical affiliation. This platform is open to all peoples and the open minded are especially encouraged.


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