Legally Treat Health Issues without AMA and Big Pharma

It’s now possible to legally treat your health issues without the AMA and big pharma controlling your life.

We’ve been told since we were children that we live in a free country! What they forgot to tell us was there are two countries sharing the same soil and only one of them is free.

  • The free one is the original country
  • The other is a Corporation; a replica country laying over the top of the original, with too many laws, taxes restrictions, and alphabet agencies.

Countries, counties, towns and cities are all built from paperwork! Two distinctly different sets of paperwork were done for this country. Now you can understand how two countries can occupy the same space.

The free country’s paperwork was done and ratified in 1781, eight years before the other one. Because the free country was legally completed first [several years before the corporate one] the free country is recognized by the international standards organization [ISO] to be the true holder of the land that is called, “The United States of America.”

Since the overlay country was apprehensive about their own legality they never tried to claim  the metes and bounds [the land area] and they simply operate as corporations pretending to be countries called by some of the following names; United States, USA, THE UNITED STATES, the American Society, these United States, etc, etc, etc…

Remember, at law any deviation in capitalization or wording denotes a completely different organization or country, and they could each have a different constitution.

If you are unlucky enough to get a traffic ticket, whether you deserve it or not, you are usually screwed in court, and here’s why. The constitution as you know it, may not be the one that particular court is following, and your arguments will be ignored. See how that works monetarily in favor of the corporation and its officers!

That’s just one illustration of how little freedom we have left, as long as our jurisdiction is in the corporate country.

How to get out from under the many corporations?

The original free country’s paperwork has been brought up to date in the last few years and is currently in the process of getting its population back – the free men and women of America.

All you need to do, to get back the freedoms we were told we had int he first place, is to fill out an application online and get back into the original union of 1774. This puts you back into the country before any of the constitutions had control over you – the original free country in America.

To understand how all this can be possible, go to the following websites and listen:

Web sites: and put the following in the search bar: The T-ROH show

and listen several times to episode 25.

All the instructions are there for you to quickly change the jurisdiction of yourself, your family or your company. It’s really that simple! You will no longer need to be a lifelong slave to the AMA and big pharma.

For instance, there are usually five or six non-toxic ways to get rid of terminal cancer discovered every year, but if your jurisdiction is in the US, where big pharma and it’s AMA holds all the cards, you are not allowed to take advantage of these breakthroughs,

If you want to understand all the behind the scenes stuff it took to bring the original country up to date, listen to the dedicated patriots who spent years figuring out how we’d been scammed. Get on the following website:, and put the following in the search bar: our journey to independence. You will find several short radio talk shows explaining things in detail.

Many of us have now changed our jurisdiction to the original country and are among the free people in The United States of America and can now practice any type of health care we choose!

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