Mindset, What will yours be?

As I reflect on what I have experienced throughout my life, good & not so good, I realize that mindset is everything. What is mindset? Mindset is a set of beliefs held by an individual that sets their conditions and environment. This can be positive or negative beliefs, their own, learned or borrowed beliefs. Your mindset is what makes you and the conditions or environment you live in, whether good or bad. If you have a negative mindset toward any part of your life you are probably plagued with disease,”bad luck”, unhappiness, and any other number of bad things that can occur. However, if you have a positive mindset you are destined to have success, good health and all the other conditions people with positive mindsets have.

You reap what you sow. If you have a bad attitude toward something, toss hate at another person or situation, you are probably suffering health issues, are living paycheck to paycheck and your relationships are suffering as well. On the other hand, if you are happy, full of love and joy and help others when you are able; You are most likely disease free, smiling all the time, happy all the time and secure in the knowledge you are prosperous beyond anyone’s wildest thought. You see we create our own reality from whatever our mindset is which is also what we believe.

Your mindset is whatever your conscious mind tells you it will be. So, if you say negative things then your subconscious mind will make that the reality you live in. We are all our own creators of our lives and the paths that our lives take. Whatever you think you will be! Whatever your mind conceives that will be your reality. We all have the same connection to the Universal mind or God, as some believe, so why not create a fantastic reality for yourself. Everything can be brought about or done away with through your mindset. If you are constantly negative or pessimistic, you  get whatever your conscious mind feeds to your subconscious mind. Those that are ill, angry, unhappy etc. have a negative mindset, whether they know it or not. Why not be positive and change your world and destinies.

Darin Bickford

Welcome to Leading Edge University. My name is Darin and I want to tell you a little about myself. I am currently a full time paramedic at a private-for-profit agency in the Tacoma-Pierce County area. In my time as a paramedic, I have been a supervisor, Field Training Officer, Emergency Management specialist and all around jack of all trades within the EMS field. I currently coach two sports for the local school district I reside in. I am the Head Cross Country boys Coach for Spanaway Lake HS and the Assistant Wrestling Coach for Cedarcrest MS. My hobbies include hiking, golf, running, fitness and taking long walks with the my wonderful wife Cindy and our dogs, whenever time allows. I am the VP of Student Development here at the University and hope to grow our student population by offering the courses all our population needs.